Company History and Profile

1983 Company established in Westbury, New York, by Lin ("Linnie") Wildermuth
  Entry into Shock Absorbers Rail market
1985 Product Diversification - Rail Truck Products Distribution
  Wear plates, pedestal liners, bumpers, pads, cushions, stops, hangers, brackets, pins & bushings, elastomeric molded products
1991 Product Diversification - Car Exterior Products Supplier
  Windows, windshield, thresholds, buffer plates, equipment boxes, enclosures
1995 Beverly Duffy becomes owner and president
2000 Diversification - Car Interior Products Supplier
  Plymetal flooring, wainscot, window masks, windscreens, stanchions, handrails, interior ceiling and side wall panels
2001 Light Assembly Operations, Warehouse in Hornell (New York) established

Interior panels, floor panels, lighting housing, component kitting

Projects since 2006 include Distribution of Windows, Power Inverters and HVAC units for DART, Phoenix and Seattle LRV projects (Kinkisharyo), Overhaul projects for 2K/3K cars for ALSTOM
  Alstom-Kawasaki (ALSKAW) NYCT R160 project (1,662 Cars): Assembly of battery boxes, operator’s cab access cover panels, corner covers and floor panels
  Knorr Brake Corporation (USA): Assembly of brake control ECU’s across several contracts including M8 for Metro-North
  Increased range and supply of shock absorbers to serve more extensive customer demands.
Early 2008 Amit Prasad becomes owner and president
Late 2008 Uttara Prasad becomes owner and president
2009 Relocation of main office to Steuben County (upstate New York)

Current president: Uttara Prasad (since 2008)

Production Managers: George Weakland, Brian Weaver, Derek Stellrecht

Customer Account Manager: Sandy Krohn

Quality Manager: Daniel Stanbro