Who We Are

Offering customers the best value in quality, cost and delivery since 1983, Lin Industries (LI) is a Just-In-Time (JIT) supplier of vehicle sub-assemblies and distributor of components to the North American transportation industry.  LI has an established history of exceeding customer expectations, with its clientele ranging from rail car and bus manufacturers, transit authorities, transportation companies and system manufacturers, to smaller railroad companies throughout North America. Our geographical proximity to prominent rail car manufacturers and transit authority customers in the northeast transit corridor enables us to provide unparalleled service. Our innovative sourcing strategies allow us to reach out equally to satisfy Buy America clauses or import requirements from high-quality sources worldwide. Our location in the  railroad town of Hornell, and in the state of New York, ensures we always have a highly skilled transit industry work force on board. As a certified DBE (minority and woman-owned business) supplier in New York and other states across the U.S.A., LI strives to add the best value to every item that leaves its warehouse. An unwavering commitment to quality while keeping costs low, and in-depth knowledge of current standards and domestic industry requirements gives our company its competitive edge.