Mechanical Assemblies

We have a long history of supplying doors, windows, battery boxes, locker assemblies, interior panels, and other more complex housings and weldments to NA rolling stock (since 1995) and bus transit manufacturers (since 2008).

We are qualified by global leaders in the rolling stock manufacturing industry in special processes, including adhesive bonding of door panels and related sub-assemblies, and in the manufacture of metal housings and other fabricated, build-to-print assemblies. This process of qualification includes regular auditing and periodic requalification by our multinational customers to inspect our processes and those of our suppliers, while allowing us to continuously improve and update other best practices directing our quality system.

In 2019 we expanded our capabilities to machine and bend extrusions, and weld frames and other small fabrications. Our relationships with anti-corrosion, powdercoat and other surface coating houses in the region allows us the flexibility to choose from a wide range of metal finish requirements, while we have sufficient in-house processes to inspect and test these requirements to the tight criteria and tolerances in finish required of the sector.